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     "All I can say is "Where were you all my life?!" To be able to find good quality Catholic animation movies and literature is too hard to come by nowadays! We are so grateful to Dominic and Lauren for creating Glorious Heritage and bringing our Catholic Faith into our homes and into our children's hearts. Everyone in our family loves these movies! Thank you and keep em coming! May God reward you for doing so!"


- Danielle from Canada

     "I highly recommend Glorious Heritage Cartoons. It is a concise and informative resource about saints, Our Lady and Catholic history. The books were approved by our ministers and my children think the stream cartoons are cool. Lauren, one of the founders, graciously responded to my messages and overall great to deal with. Thumbs up!"


- Amelia from Manitoba

     "My two nephews ages 4 and 6 saw the short Charles Martel cartoon and loved it, they then begged me to buy the First Crusade so they could see more battles. I thought for sure it would be too long and over their heads, but it's their absolute favorite! It's the only one they request and they notice every detail! They love the music, too! They even love the Glorious Heritage theme! In the words of the 4 year old, "I love all the cool noises this movie makes!" The only downside is now I have to brush up on my history because I'm being questioned closely on the choices of the Byzantine Empire and the role of the papacy by a 6 year old!


     I'm so happy these cartoons are available, that at last present unbiased Catholic history and traditional values in a quality, uplifting manner. The gorgeous backgrounds, and inspiring, non-sappy music choices are truly elevating, and combined with the quirky animations create entertainment any parent can safely and gladly trust their children to benefit from and enjoy. Thank you Glorious Heritage!"


- Alexis from California

     "We have been having the best time with your books and cartoons. My granddaughter has gobbled up three books and is wanting more! The cartoon mini clips grabbed her and her brother's (age 5) attention so much that I downloaded the Crusades cartoon at their request. I don’t think they’ll be satisfied until they’ve seen them all. They really hit the mark as far as information, graphics and relatability to them. I love that they have preferred this to other things to do at the house."


- Lorraine from Pennsylvania

     "The Glorious Heritage cartoons are a huge hit in my family. My children absolutely adore these movies, particularly The First Crusade and St. Simon Stock. What I love is that they teach solid Catholic history in a way that is informative and entertaining. My children get many miles out of the content as well, as they enjoy play-acting the stories outside, and they never tire from re-watching them! It's refreshing to see them stretching their imaginations while solidifying Catholic virtues!"


- Rebekah from Indiana

     "We were waiting on pins and needles for the first cartoon release after seeing it advertised on Facebook! We all know how hard it is to find any entertainment that is wholesome let alone Catholic.  These cartoons and books are a gold mine of educational topics told in a way that reaches both children and adults alike! I have already learned so much about our Catholic history from Glorious Heritage and I look forward to new releases just as much as my children! "

- Alexa from Michigan

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