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Church History Videos

You can find the links to all the videos below, and we will update them as we produce new ones. We release a new video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so stay tuned for more. These videos will be available here indefinitely, so you can always revisit them whenever you want.  Just click the links below.  You can also find these videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Complete Overview of Catholic Church History for Children

video series with printable timeline and summaries!

Catholic Church history is a vast and complex subject, but some events stand out as more significant than others. These seismic events mark the beginning and end of different eras in Church history.

This series of 162 videos, with printable summaries and questions, explores these seismic events and the eras they created. The videos divide Church history into seven major eras, from the Gospels to 1945, and provide a global and historical context with engaging stories and vivid imagery.

To make learning more fun and interactive, we have included a 7-page expanded timeline (included in the supplemental package).  You can cut and paste the important people and events, and color the different time periods. This will help you remember the main movements of Church history and how they connect to the smaller events. You will also see the patterns and links between different eras more clearly. 

This overview provides a comprehensive and solid foundation for learning Church history. It will make the smaller events easier to understand and appreciate in their context, rather than zooming in on a single event without seeing the whole picture.

Topic #1 - Our Lord Founds the Church

Topic #2 - The Council of Jerusalem

Topic #3 - St. Paul's Missions

Topic #4 - St. Peter the First Pope

Topic #5 - Ancient Roman World

Topic #6 - Nero's Persecution

Topic #7 - Destruction of the Temple

Topic #8 - Overview of Roman Empire

Topic #9 - 10 Roman Persecutions

Topic #10 - Diocletian's Persecution

Topic #11 - St. Helena

Topic #12 - Constantine

Topic #13 - Constantine's Conversion

Topic #14 - Roman Martyrs - Part 1

Topic #15 - Persecution of Desius

Topic #16 - St. Ignatius & St. John

Topic #17 -Roman Martyrs - Part 2

Topic #18 -Edict of MIlan

Topic #19 -Building Churches

Topic #20 -Finding the True Cross

Topic #21 -Arch-heretics

Topic #22 -Church Fathers

Topic #23 -Julian the Apostate

Topic #24 -Conversion of Clovis

Topic #25 -Arius and Arianism

Topic #26 -Council of Nicaea

Topic #27 -Arian Roman Emperors

Topic #28 -St. Athanasius

Topic #29 -St. Augustine

Topic #30 -Barbarian Threats

Topic #31 -Division of the Roman Empire

Topic #32 -Founding of Constantinople

Topic #33 -Conversion of the Franks

Topic #34 -Early Church Councils

Topic #35 -Emperor Theodosius

Topic #36 -Barbarian Invasions

Topic #37 -Roman Empire vs. HRE

Topic #38 -Fall of Rome

Topic #39 -Pope St. Gregory the Great

Topic #40 -The Anchorites

Topic #41 -St. Benedict

Topic #42 -Founding of Islam

Topic #43 -Byzantine Islamic Wars

Topic #44 -Byzantine Emperor Justinian

Topic #45 -Pope St. Leo the Great

Topic #46 -Viking Raiders

Topic #47 -Charles Martel

Topic #48 -Charlemagne

Topic #49 -Donation of Pepin

Topic #50 -Holy Roman Empire

Topic #51 -Iconoclasm

Topic #52 -Papacy and the Byzantines

Topic #53 -Byzantine Rule of Italy

Topic #54 -Merovingians and Carolingians

Topic #55 -Otto and Battle of Lechfeld


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