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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?

Glorious Heritage does not offer refunds on digital products such as our downloadable cartoons. 

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy details what personal information we collect from our customers and how it may be used.  You can read our privacy policy with this link.  PRIVACY POLICY

What is your "terms and conditions of use" policy?
What historical sources do you use for your cartoons?

You can read our "terms and conditions" policy with this link.  TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Historical sources will obviously vary from episode to episode.  For the most part, the cartoons will rely on commonly known facts, as understood by Catholics.  However, the writings of Popes, Saints and other sources that have been accepted throughout Catholic history will also be used from time to time.  "Glorious Heritage" cartoons seek to portray the history of the Catholic Church in a simple way, yet remain edifying for young children.   Adherence to Catholic Tradition is of paramount importance in our efforts to produce these cartoons!

Can I share these cartoons with others?

Yes, we would appreciate greatly if you told your friends and family about our cartoons.  However, we do ask that you do not copy our cartoons and send them to others.  We rely on the honesty of our customers to not copy and share our cartoons.  Please direct anyone interested in obtaining one of our cartoons to this website for purchase.

However, we will also produce a series of FREE cartoons.  These cartoons will be clearly labeled for FREE DISTRIBUTION.  You are at liberty to copy and send these cartoons to as many people as you like.  Thank you in advance for your honesty and integrity!

When I download cartoons, what format will they be in?

Our cartoons are produced in .mp4 format.  The .mp4 file will be inside a .zip folder.  See the below Question/Answer to learn how to "unzip" or "extract" the cartoon from a .zip folder.

What happens when I purchase a cartoon?

Once your payment information is entered and accepted, you will receive an email with your order summary and confirmation.  This same email will contain a link to download the digital products (cartoons) that you have purchased.  This download link will be valid and usable for 30 days.

Clicking on the download button will immediately start the download process.  Your digital products (cartoons) will download in a .zip folder.  For help in learning how to access .zip folders, please see the below links.

How to Unzip (extract) files in a .zip folder on a PC

How to Unzip (extract) files in a .zip folder on a Mac

How to Unzip (extract) files in a .zip folder on an Android

How to Unzip (extract) files in a .zip folder on an Apple iphone

Can I copy my purchased cartoons amongst my various devices?

Yes, once you purchase and download a cartoon, please feel free to copy it onto your various electronic devices.  We only ask that you don't copy and share the cartoons with other people who are outside of your immediate family. 

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