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                         elcome to Glorious Heritage Catholic Cartoons!   We produce quality cartoons, books and educational supplements about neglected, yet important Catholic stories.  Have you ever seen a cartoon about Pope St. Pius X or Charles Martel?  Find those and much more below! 

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Divine Poetry

Catholic Church history prefigured by the Old Testament in great detail and in chronological order! See the major events in the Church's life foretold in the ancient pages of Sacred Scripture.

Original Books

Unique and easy to read, these children's books deliver Catholic stories in a clean and simple fashion.  They are designed to supplement the cartoons.

Pope St. Pius X

Free Cartoons

Enjoy these free and original cartoons. They will inspire a greater love of our glorious Catholic heritage in the hearts and minds of our children!

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History Video Series

Learn the history of the Church with engaging videos for children. Each video is only 10 minutes long, three times a week. Use our color coded printable timeline to break down complex and expansive topics so children can grasp the big picture!

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Includes cutout movable figures, coloring pages and other educational supplements (coming soon) to further solidify knowledge and ardor for our history and Faith.


"The Glorious Heritage cartoons are a huge hit in my family. My children absolutely adore these movies, particularly The First Crusade and St. Simon Stock. What I love is that they teach solid Catholic history in a way that is informative and entertaining. My children get many miles out of the content as well, as they enjoy play-acting the stories outside, and they never tire from re-watching them! It's refreshing to see them stretching their imaginations while solidifying Catholic virtues!"

- Rebekah from Indiana

"We have been having the best time with your books and cartoons. My granddaughter has gobbled up three books and is wanting more! The cartoon mini clips grabbed her and her brother's (age 5) attention so much that I downloaded the Crusades cartoon at their request. I don’t think they’ll be satisfied until they’ve seen them all. They really hit the mark as far as information, graphics and relatability to them. I love that they have preferred this to other things to do at the house."

- Lorraine from Pennsylvania

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